Minority Grants

Enrolling for college can truly be a costly endeavor. While scholarships and loan can help students pursue college education, there is a unique college grant program that awards free monetary help to a certain segment of the population. That is, if you belong to the minority populace you may enjoy various minority grants.

School grants are financial awards offered to students seeking help to cover the costs of attending schools, colleges or universities. Grants differ from scholarships in a way that these are awarded based on the immediate financial need of students, while scholarships are typically given on the basis of academic merit. There are certain grants that are made available for the under-represented student populations or grants that are awarded on minority status.

Ethnic minority students such as African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans may find minority grants very essential in their pursuit to attend college in the United States. These grants are offered to diversify education and the professional fields that are not typically filled with people from those ethnic groups. Nevertheless, ethnicity is not the only qualification for minority grants. There are also grants specifically designed for women and for those students with physical incapability.

Where to Find Minority Grants?

There are several minority foundations that represent and cover various ethnic groups. To name a few, the United Negro College Fund supports African Americans in need of financial aid to pursue college education; the Luisa Mallari Fellowship provides minority grants to Asian students, while the Indian Adult Education supports Native Americans.

Apart from the Pell Grant, major corporations may also offer grants to assist people who are in need of money for school. As mentioned earlier, this promotes diversity in both the education and professional fields. Whilst most of these are not specifically and particularly tailored for the minority, the chances of benefitting from one as a minority are quite high.

How to Search for College Grants?

To jumpstart the process, you will need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first for you to qualify for grants. Your qualification for any of these government programs will be your key or perhaps will be your basis for consequently qualifying for minority grants. Also, you need to understand how FAFSA affects your application. That is, the form or the FAFSA report is widely used to determine your and your family’s financial incapacity. Only when a financial need is established in your FAFSA application that you can be awarded with school grants such as minority grants. In essence, if you do not qualify under the FAFSA guidelines, then you may also not qualify for the minority grants. But if you do, you can then begin looking for all possible options under your minority status!