Medical Grants

Given that a college degree of any type costs thousands of dollars, it is no surprise that students who long to pursue medicine go far searching for as many funding sources they could get. Fortunately, the federal government provides medical grants through certain universities or colleges to support medical students. Moreover, most medical schools also have their respective offices that can further help students with grants. These offices oversee most of the proposals or materials that are funded by third party organizations.

The aim of the American Councils Medical Education Grants Program is to support the growth of projects that concerns career development and curriculum reform of any medical student. Information regarding one or more project ideas that are eligible for funding is available through various grant offices. In addition, the office also answers queries on proposals, correct and indirect costs, awards submissions and receipts. Aside from grant proposals, the Grant Office also helps faculty and administrators by providing or offering information about clinical trials and material transfer contracts. The staff reviews each and every application and proposal carefully to ensure that all federal, legal, and administrative policies are met.

Any medical student from the United States is eligible to apply for grants provided that they are recognized by the American Medical School Association. Likewise, any U.S. medical chapter that is recognized by this association, and is involved in conducting missions that calls out the participation of medical students and medical education is also eligible to apply for a grant. Generally, there are only two grants awarded in each academic year, with up to $200 worth each. If you want to apply for these grants, you can visit the local chapter president or may apply for it online.

Interested applicants must attach a budget statement to the grant application. The grant program also covers expenses on food and travel when applying. Applicants must not forget one important reminder prior to grant application though. That is, the AMSA chapter president must sign all applications first.

There are various associations which provide grants and educational scholarships for training and funding for minority students. These include the American Indian Graduate Center and the American Psychiatric Association.

It is indeed very important to get the grant which can help you with funding for multiple projects proposed by medical schools and colleges. This helps uncover new breakthroughs by medical schools that are involved in research and primary health care.